Chanel and Brent Griffiths, along with their daughter Frankie and dog Betty are your hosts at Kawakawa Hut.

Our Taupo story really starts at our Hut. We brought the land in early 2017 (23 bare acres) and spent the next year road tripping from Auckland on the weekends to stay on our land. We initially camped in our trusty “Blueberry” a 11 foot 1967 Crusder caravan, however she is a fair weather gal and so come the winter we started to make her a “shelter” plus a place to put our tools and belongings that ended up in Taupo!

After a year of dreaming of living in Taupo. We decided to make the big move and subsequently found out we were expecting our first child too! Not quite part of the “plan” but we embraced it and life has just flowed for us since our move.

Brent took a year and a half off “work” and made our Hut liveable, built a big barn, did the earthworks for our driveway, meanwhile training his Hungarian Vizsla puppy “Betty” for a good 6 months to be a deer dog (she is now excelling at pointing out deer!). Brent then began the massive task of building our passive, small home.

Chanel meanwhile worked as much as possible in her graphic design business, designed by CCC, plus grew a baby. Frankie then entered the world, caused a little drama and a month off of the house build. From then on Chanel and Frankie did frequent “building inspections” and Grant (Chanel’s dad) joined the work force as a very capable apprentice.

We finally moved into the house June 2019. Exhausted we took a few month off projects and Brent went back to the “real world” and got himself a job in town. At the beginning of 2020, we got stuck into the Hut again and gave her some more love so she was ready to share with our guests, family and friends.

We have some wonderful memories living in the Hut for 18 months and it really was thoughtfully designed for us all to live in throughout the year, hot summers, cold winters and everything else in between!

We are so happy to see the Hut being used and loved, guests making memories and enjoying our little slice of paradise. So enjoy getting back to basics, its good for the soul 🙂

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